GCC Earnings Call Sentiment Remained “Bullish” in 1Q 2022

08 June 2022  |  Admin
GCC Earnings Call Sentiment Remained “Bullish” in 1Q 2022

Iridium Advisors analyzed 5.9 million words from 1,100 historic Earnings Calls using its proprietary Quant Lens NLP algorithms to investigate how GCC sentiment trends have evolved for the 1Q 2022 earnings cycle.

The new report reveals that:

  • Overall sentiment in earnings calls hosted by GCC companies in April and May 2022 remains "bullish"
  • The Iridium GCC Sentiment Index reached +33.8 points in FQ1 2022, up from +33.3 points in FQ4 2021, and an 8.1 points increase from +25.7 points year-on-year. 
  • However, the report also notes that management’s “confidence” (a measure of strong or weak language) in presentations has dropped, which may be an early indicator that management teams are becoming more cautious ahead of the changing and uncertain macro-economic.