AI-Powered Analysis of 2Q 2020 Earnings Calls with Iridium Quant Lens

23 August 2020  |  Iridium Quant Lens
AI-Powered Analysis of 2Q 2020 Earnings Calls with Iridium Quant Lens

Iridium launched its proprietary AI-platform - Iridium Quant Lens -  in August 2020. In this primer, we quantify language sentiment of company Earnings Calls with natural language processing algorithms and explain how this technology can provide additional insights.


Iridium Quant Lens NLP algorithms provide an alternative view on market sentiment for company directors, management and IR teams

While the investment industry has been quick to embrace artificial intelligence, organizations and leaders in the corporate world have been slower to understand and incorporate these concepts in their interactions with the market.

One area where this disparity is perhaps most keenly felt is in the field of company earnings calls. Many portfolio managers and research analysts now regularly use natural language processing algorithms to analyze these earnings calls, from basic fact and consistency checks to sentiment analysis and truth detection, all the way to prediction of future share price performance.

Even though this clearly has important implications for the way CEOs and CFOs prepare for and conduct their earnings calls, it is not an area which is typically well-understood or actively addressed by companies.

With Iridium Quant Lens, our proprietary AI platform, we aim to help you advance to the next level. In this report on the subject, we use the Iridium Quant Lens Natural Language Processing Algorithm to quantify sentiment amidst the current Covid-19 pandemic.