Earnings Call Sentiment Stabilized in 3Q2021

07 December 2021  |  Iridium Quant Lens
Earnings Call Sentiment Stabilized in 3Q2021

In this report we analyze earnings calls from October to November 2021 and show how sentiment trends have further evolved across GCC markets.


Sentiment Indicates Stabilization as Covid fears decline 

Net sentiment, the difference between positive and negative language used in earnings calls, is now back to a level prevailing in 2019, marginally improved for the sixth consecutive quarter from its all-time low of 1Q 2020, when the pandemic was at its most disruptive.

The improvement in sentiment coincides with a further reduction in the number of mentions of Covid and other health-related words in earnings calls and undoubtedly reflects improving corporate profitability as well as the recovery seen in regional equity markets.

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